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The patient stories below are not testimonials for Body Logic Physiotherapy. Rather they are stories from people that explain how Physiotherapy and Pilates have helped them in their physical rehabilitation. Body Logic Physiotherapy encourages you to seek the services of recognised practitioners of Physiotherapy and Pilates to assist in your physical rehabilitation.

You can visit the Australian Physiotherapy Association website to find a recognised practitioner of Physiotherapy in your area.


Belief and behaviours

Learn about pain, how it is triggered and how you can identify the right co-management treatment plan.




 Jamie talks about managing his back pain, returning to weight lifiting and avoiding surgery.



 Megan an active mother of 4 talks about living with chronic back pain and her path to recovery after three operations.



 Julie shares her story on living with persistent neck pain and how she regained quality of life again.



Ally slipped and fell one day and in the following months, her pain spiralled out of control and this affected her life, especially her work.  Here is how she got her life back on track.



Luke suffered persistent neck, shoulder, lower back and elbow pain resulting from a motor vehicle accident in 2008. Hear the story about his recovery...


Shaun talks about his path to rehabilitation after a back injury and a lot of  failed treatment. Read about his story at painHEALTH.


Jamie talks about managing persistent pain. Read about his story at painHEALTH.

Sally's story of living with chronic pelvic pain


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