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Arthritis is very common with increasing age. It is influenced by our genetic inheritance, history of trauma, lifestyle factors, and our bodies conditioning. It commonly affects the large joints such as the hips, knees and shoulders and can be very disabling.

Most people think a diagnosis of arthritis is a death sentence. But did you know that arthritis is present in some people without pain! What this means is that there is more to pain with arthritis than what you see on a scan.

Our role at Bodylogic Physiotherapy is to examine you to assess your level of pain and disability and how this relates to the arthritic changes on your scan.

In many cases we can set up rehabilitation programs to get you back to activities that give your life meaning. There is strong evidence that programs that address lifestyle factors, strength, control and conditioning can have a profound affect on reducing pain and disability in many cases.

Where the arthritis is severe and disabling, at Body Logic we can prepare you for the best result from surgery by setting up exercise programs both before and after your surgery. We are in partnership with Orthopedic surgeons ensuring a seamless service.

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